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Fleet insurance

Out tips on how to save money on your fleet insurance

Fleet insurance

The ABC to saving money on your fleet insurance

If you’re looking to bring the cost of your fleet insurance down, then we have three tips that could help.

A  – Regularly inspect your fleet

This sounds like something you should be doing anyway! But over time regular maintenance checks on your fleet could help to bring down the cost of your fleet insurance. Make sure that your tyres are in good condition,  fluids are at the correct levels and that seatbelts, lights and brakes etc are all in good working order; and record these checks.

Being able to demonstrate that you’re serious about taking preventative measures, including keeping a full service history of your vehicles, will show an insurer that you are making a positive commitment to safety.

B  – Use telematics technology

If you can show that your drivers operate safely on our roads then you may be rewarded with a lower premium by an insurer. Just like someone that has just passed their test, a safe and careful driver with telematics onboard will be able to show that they can drive safely.

For your fleet drivers this will be in the form of GPS trackers or dash cams. These will allow you to clearly show that your drivers adhere to speed limits and don’t brake or accelerate sharply.

C  – Swap petrol/diesel for electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are better for the environment and better for your insurance premium! This is because electric vehicles are less likely to be stolen – they are easier to locate if they are stolen and are easier to repair than their petrol or diesel counterparts.

Another plus for insurers is that the batteries are less likely to be damaged in an accident, and with a simpler engine, repairs are likely to be more straightforward too. This gives electric cars more favour with insurers, and with less risk comes a lower premium.

We can help you protect your fleet

If you have a commercial fleet and are looking for comprehensive, affordable insurance we’d welcome the opportunity to help. Speak to one of our experienced advisers who will find the right cover for your needs. As an independent broker you can be reassured that the solution we propose will be just what you need.

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George Wilkinson

Authored by: George Wilkinson

Business Development Executive

30th May 2022

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