Mental health and wellbeing

Mental health and wellbeing: risk management

Prioritise employee mental health and wellbeing

Risk assessments are something that should be carried out in every workplace, as they help to reduce health and safety hazards, like slips, trips and falls, and promote a safe work environment for employees. Risk assessments help to identify potential risks and allow employers to manage these risks by implementing proactive procedures.

However, one area that could be easily overlooked when conducting risk assessments in the workplace is the mental health and wellbeing of employees.

Your business can benefit from a workplace culture that prioritises employee wellbeing. When employee wellbeing is high, productivity and work engagement increases and sick leave usage, absences, staff turnover and costs to employers reduce. Individuals can also benefit from a workplace culture like this, as they can experience greater job satisfaction, better sleep, and a better quality of life.

mental health and wellbeing

That’s why we would like to share with you, a risk management guide on health and wellbeing, created by our insurer partner, Aviva. The guide gives advice on risk assessments, mental and physical health and wellbeing, how you can support remote employees’ mental health, and tips on training strategies to support managers in dealing with employees going through mental health issues.

You can download the guide by clicking the link below. To discover more tips on how you can help to prevent work related stress and poor mental health, you can also read our blog.

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George Wilkinson

Authored by: George Wilkinson

Business Development Executive

23rd June 2023

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