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Insurance for doctors and GP surgeries

Insurance for Doctors and Practice Managers

Insurance for Doctors and Practice Managers

Finding the most appropriate insurance for doctors and their practices is vital to ensure that a smooth and reliable service is provided for patients and any associated organisations, should something unexpected occur.

From classic buildings and contents insurance to refrigerated drugs and specialist medical equipment cover for the practice to locum cover, key man cover and medical malpractice for staff, we can talk through what you might need and find the best solution.

We work closely with clients to make sure potential risks are mitigated, forming strong relationships through exceptional service and tailored advice.

We have reviewed the typical questions we get asked by GPs and Practice Managers when they are looking to arrange their insurance cover. These might be questions that are relevant to you too!


Typical Questions asked by GPs and Practice Managers

1 – Are you able to offer locum insurance?

Yes, we are. This important cover will assist you should you need to find suitable professionals to cover for staff illness and holidays. Our policies are underwritten by A-rated insurers so you can be assured of reliable and robust cover when you need it most. Additionally, you will benefit from a policy that covers all staff employed by you, without the need to name them all. So if staff members should come and go during the term of the policy, there’s no need to update us.

2 – Can you arrange key man cover?

Yes, the insurance is available and can be added to your programme. This is another ‘must-have’ insurance for this sector because should a key member of your team be unable to work, this cover will ensure that the position is filled by a qualified professional to keep your practice running. Finding the additional funds to retain your key person until they are able to come back to work, whilst paying for someone to cover the role, will bring peace of mind.

3 – What provider do you use?

As an independent commercial broker, we have access to a wide range of insurance providers. This allows us to select the best fit for your particular needs from our selection of A-rated insurers. This means that if you should need to make a claim on your policy, it will be dealt with quickly and efficiently for minimal disruption to the service that you provide.

4 – Why is your policy different from our current one?

We do get asked this quite a lot. We will make recommendations for the right cover for you based on our conversations with you, which may mean that some areas of your cover will be different. If there are specific insurance covers that you require, we can discuss those and add them to a new policy. Rest assured, we will create a tailored insurance programme that covers everything that you need it to for now – and for the future.

5 – Are you able to come out and see us?

Absolutely! This is our preferred way of doing business because we can get a real feel for your practice – every practice is different and whilst the cover may be similar it’s the subtle differences in policies required that are important. Your insurance programme will be bespoke for your needs and the advice that we provide will be tailored to you. Visiting you at the practice will help us to a form long term relationship – we will be able to assess your risk potential and perhaps spot something that you hadn’t even considered. We want you to feel that you can contact us with any issues at any time, we’re here to support you and help you to manage your risk effectively.

These might be questions that you were thinking of asking, so we hope our responses will put your mind at ease. If you have questions of your own about the insurance you need to mitigate risk at your practice, please get in touch and we’ll be pleased to help.

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