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Manage your risk from windstorm damage

Protect your commercial property from windstorm damage

Storm damage can cause havoc at this time of year. High winds and heavy rain may damage your property and may result in flying debris, which could be a potential risk to other buildings, vehicles or employees. With more accurate weather reports than ever before, you should be able to prepare if a storm is forecast.

You should consider:

? Ongoing inspection, maintenance and repair of your roofs.
? External objects such as bins, storage, outdoor furniture, trees and shrubs which can all become missiles in high winds.
? How heavy rain could create risk exposure, accessing your building through windows, doors or external apertures.
? How your utilities and services may be affected by potential storm damage. Think about what may be impacted, how the damage could occur and the effect it would have on your business.
? Your emergency plans. Ensure they are up to date for storms and flooding and include how you would manage a loss of utilities and services.


Talk to us today about how to mitigate risk for your business, including your property.

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Our insurer partner Aviva has produced a handy checklist to help you make sure your property is ready for stormy weather and take precautions to minimise risk.

By assessing your exposure to this risk you can put plans into place for regular maintenance checks or to repair identified potential weaknesses. You can also create a business recovery plan ready to implement should disaster strike.

Get your Windstorm – Protection of Buildings checklist here:

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