Our Values

Care at the core


Channelling the efforts of our founder, Colin Barnes, care is at the core of our business. We care about our clients and they care about us. Together, we help businesses continue doing great things in the community and for the environment.


Forward-thinking, old school service


Whilst our policies and systems are technologically-driven, our customer service is not. We take pride in visiting our customers face-to-face. Like Colin, it’s what gets us out of bed in a morning. Seeing your business close-up also lets us see risks you perhaps didn’t think of, giving us more scope to protect and support your journey.


A near limitless approach


But we are not limited to a single approach. Your business is probably robust and we must be too. If we need to video chat, if you need out-of-hours claims assistance, or advice on wider aspects of insurance, we will be there for you every step of the way. It’s what we do that defines who we are.


To grow our business by working with clients we can add value to, who renew each year and will proactively recommend us to their network.


We’re developing a group of people who are passionate about our clients and our business, who really enjoy coming to work.


We’re building a community of strategic partners who share our values so we can work together to achieve common goals.


We’re creating exciting future possibilities, building on our group heritage and experience.