Risk management - remote working and the benefits and challenges for businesses
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Remote working - the benefits and challenges for businesses

We offer holistic risk management services to clients, providing advice and guidance to ensure protection for the risks you’re facing now and for those that may occur in the future.

We’ve seen an abundance of change over the last 18 months with new working practices being adopted. These changes have included a move away from office-based roles, to remote working which bring a variety of pros and cons for businesses.

Our risk management partner, Cardinus Risk Management, has produced an insightful white paper looking at the benefits and challenges of remote working for businesses.

As we emerge from the pandemic and start to get back to normal working patterns, many organisations are planning on keeping those changes, or adopting new working practices.

This white paper looks at what organisations should consider to ensure that their employees are able to work remotely in a safe manner.

Key sections include

  • Who is classified as a Remote Worker?
  • Legal Context
  • Employers Duty of Care
  • How Effective is the Health and Safety Regulations?
  • Advantages of Remote Working
  • Mental Health
  • Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Remote Working and Sustainability
  • Government Responses to COVID-19
  • Home-Working – Perception and Reality
  • Duty of Care Vs. Government Guidance
  • Remote Working Beyond the Pandemic
  • Conclusions and Recommendations



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Remote working - the benefits and challenges for businesses

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