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Wellbeing Advice & Guidance

The global pandemic has changed the way in which many of us are now working. Some businesses have opted for a full return to work, whilst others are taking a hybrid approach and some have chosen to work from home indefinitely. Whatever the situation, we still need to make sure we are considering our health and wellbeing.

Our selection of downloadable documents may help to support you, your colleagues or your family, as we learn to live with Covid-19 and our changing working locations.

Health & wellbeing

Below are a series of healthy working and wellbeing guides with suggestions and tips to make your working day as pleasant and comfortable as possible, whether you’re working from home or in an office or other work location.

Working practices and COVID checklists

Covid-19 is still thriving in our communities and although lockdown restrictions have been removed, it’s a good idea to retain some of the preventative measures we had in place over the last few years. You may decide to keep screens up in spaces where employees are sitting closely together, or leave hand sanitisers available for staff to use. Below you’ll find useful guides below on how to prepare for a return to the workplace, if you’re not already back. We have also left our practical checklists to remind us how to ensure our work locations are COVID secure should we need to refer to them.

Flexible working

Many businesses have adopted new flexible working approaches, be that flexible start and finish times or working from home. You can find out more about the risks that these changes may bring for your business here.

Healthy working and your wellbeing

Working with our risk management partners, we have put together some advice and guidance to help you to take steps to look after your wellbeing.

Feel free to share with anyone you think may benefit.

Tips for optimal sleep

Download - Tips for optimal sleep

Morning routine

Download - Morning routine

Nutrition and your mood

Download - Nutrition and your mood

Mindfulness practices

Download - Mindfulness practices

Breathing techniques

Download - Breathing techniques

Establishing a healthy work - life balance

Download - A Healthy work - life balance

COVID-19 risk management checklists

Working with our risk management partner Cardinus Risk Management, we have collated a variety of handy Covid 19 checklists that you may find useful.



A Five Step Induction Process

A straightforward guide with five steps to making your work location as COVID secure as possible.


COVID-19 Office Cleaning Checklist

This checklist covers what you might need, what should be cleaned, how to clean safely and what to do after cleaning.


Physical Distancing checklist

Whether you’re in a work environment already or planning to be, this document aims to help you think about social distancing and what you might need to consider.


Post COVID-19 Recovery Checklist

This useful checklist is a high-level document that ensures you consider all areas as you bring your teams back into the office, when you are ready to do so.


Return to Work Facilities Checklist

A handy tick list to remind you about good hygiene and handwashing/sanitising facilities – implementation and monitoring.


Visitor Health Questionnaire

A comprehensive questionnaire to allow you to screen any visitors prior to entry into your workplace for the safety of employees, suppliers, customers, families and visitors.


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