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Commercial Legal Expenses

Commercial Legal Expenses

What is Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance?

Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance is designed to protect you against unforeseen legal costs.

If an individual or business brings a claim against you, you may incur costs defending that claim. For example, Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance could help cover any legal expenses, such as the cost of a solicitor, barrister or an expert witness.

Discover more about this invaluable insurance in our FAQs below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Commercial Legal Expenses cover?

As a business you will ensure that you provide a great working environment and support for your employees, as well as making sure that the products and services you provide for your clients meet and exceed expectations.

However, despite best intentions, sometimes things can go wrong, and relationships can become strained. An employee might bring a claim against your for unfair dismissal, or you might end up in a contractual dispute over the hire, purchase, sale or provision of goods or services – Commercial Legal Expenses cover will help you meet any legal costs incurred when defending your business.

Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance covers:

  • Employment disputes
  • Compensation awards
  • Property protection
  • Tax protection
  • Legal defence
  • Bodily injury

We provide Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance for doctors’ surgeries, dental practices, accountants, veterinary surgeries, care homes, and scientific and biotechnology research facilities.


Who should have Commercial Legal Expenses insurance?

Anyone operating a business should consider Commercial Legal Expenses cover. It can provide financial support for legal expenses that you may need to incur when a claim is made against you.

Whilst not a legal requirement, having cover in place will bring you peace of mind, should you need to defend a claim.

What are the benefits of Commercial Legal Expenses insurance?

  • Peace of mind for you and your business
  • Allows you to engage legal counsel without the worry of additional costs
  • You can continue to run your business during a claim

How much Commercial Legal Expenses cover do I need?

As with most insurances, the level of cover that you require will depend on your circumstances; the nature of your business, the number of people working for you and the likelihood of future claims.

Our expert advisors can talk you through the potential risks you face as a business and together arrive at a level of cover that will protect your business. It will be reassuring to know that is you need expert legal advice; you will be able to afford to obtain it.

Please note that any policy that you do take out will only cover you for situations that arise after the cover is in place. It will not provide you with protection against issues that started before you took out the policy.

How can I buy Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance?

You can arrange commercial expenses insurance through Barnes Commercial. We offer a personal approach to insurance and you will be able to discuss your requirements with one of our expert advisers, who can ensure that you have the right cover in place for your needs.

Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance may be just one of a number of insurances you require, so by speaking to an experienced member of our team, we can create a tailored insurance programme to incorporate them all.  You can call us on 01480 272727 or send an email to us at

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