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Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance covers your legal liability to pay compensation to third parties in the event of death, bodily injury or damage to their property, which occurs as a result of your business activities. It also covers people visiting your premises, even if you operate from home.

Public Liability Insurance can extend to product liability protection, which provides cover for businesses that design, manufacture, repair or sell products, protecting against serious defects including poor design or spoilage. Product liability insurance provides invaluable cover against the cost of settling any claims, including medical bills,  because even if you are not negligent, you could still be liable for damage or injuries suffered as a result of someone using your products.

Our experienced advisers are always on hand to talk to you about your insurance needs. We take the time to get to know our clients and create tailored insurance packages that will protect your business effectively. Additionally, we may be able to arrange competitive finance to spread the cost on a monthly basis through our partnership with Close Brothers Premium Finance. Please get in touch for details.

Find out more about Public Liability Insurance – what it is and why you need it, in our FAQs below.

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What is Public Liability Insurance and what does it cover?

Public Liability Insurance is required to cover you against the cost of any claims made against your business by a client or member of the public.

If a client trips over a trailing wire on the floor in your premises, or a member of the public injures themselves on a piece of your work equipment they may bring a claim against you. Public Liability Insurance will cover the cost of any compensation pay-outs and legal fees incurred up to the limit of your policy. In addition, it will also cover any damage that occurs to equipment owned by a third party, which they claim has been damaged by you or your employee, either at your own premises, or at theirs.

Why do I need Public Liability Insurance?

Whilst Public Liability Insurance isn’t a legal requirement, no-one can predict the future and sometimes the unexpected can happen despite careful planning. It’s important for any business to be as prepared as possible against potential risks, so if something goes wrong you are fully protected.

Should a claim be made against you by a client or member of the public, even if you’re not at fault, you need to know that you can settle that claim, with as little disruption to your business as possible. A quick and fair outcome for those involved, will help to protect your business reputation and allow you to continue to operate effectively.

Additionally, having robust Public Liability Insurance in place may open up new business opportunities with organisations that require a certain level of insurance to be in place, in order to award contracts.

We provide Public Liability Insurance for dental surgeries, doctors’ practices, healthcare professionals, accountants, scientific and biotechnology researchers, care home providers, and vet surgeries.

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What are the benefits of Public Liability Insurance?

  • Peace of mind for you, your clients and the public
  • Protection against financial loss in defending a claim
  • Allows your business to continue to operate during a claim
  • May help to secure future business

How much Public Liability cover do I need?

The cover you require will depend on your circumstances and the nature of your business. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and consider the risks unique to their operation – there isn’t a one size fits all policy. We recommend tailored insurance programmes carefully selected from our A rated insurer partners. And because we are committed to providing an exceptional service and will only recommend cover that we believe will truly meet your needs – nothing more and nothing less.

Typically, the Public Liability Insurance cover that we recommend, will be anything from £2M to £10M depending on your business needs and your exposure to risk.


How can I buy Public Liability Insurance?

We offer a personal approach to commercial insurance and can find the right cover for you for a variety of purposes. Public Liability Insurance may be just one of a number of insurances you require, so by speaking to our expert advisers we can create a tailored insurance programme to incorporate them all.  You can call us on 01480 272727 or send an email to us at

We also offer Combined Commercial insurance, if you need Employers’ Liability insurance as well as Public Liability Insurance.

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